🇺🇸⚽ KONRAD DE LA FUENTE on life at Barça!

रोजी प्रकाशित केले 20 जुलै, 2020
In this exclusive interview, the young Barça B player, who scored twice in his team's playoff victory last night, reviews his origins, the impact of Barça in the United States and his evolution in La Masía.
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    • bartomeu out

    • only to see him sold

    • This board would sell him for 5 mil and have a buyback option of 60 mil 🤦🏽‍♂️ idiots. This player rocks!

    • until you sack bertomeu it's not

    • @Messi work hard to achieve your dreams..

  • Where is he originally from ? I know he isn’t American foresure

  • His parents don’t speak Spanish? So are his parents Brazilian? He mentioned he was Latino American

  • Bro Dest came... I'm soooo sorry😘😪

  • He got beaten to it by Dest:/

  • Now his goal should be to be 2nd American to play for Barcelona.

  • I think he beat Dest for being the first American to play for Barca but would he beat out Dest for the first American to play a "League" game for Barca. I think Dest will beat him to that. Both are very good friends and talk to each other all the time.

  • This guy is absolute fire! We should promote him!!!

    • Anirban Homroy yes, i think he’s going to get converted to a LB and get some minutes

    • @Almighty J yeah bro. I really want this guy to play regularly or at least semi-regularly in the first team. He's a first team material.

    • Anirban Homroy oh yeah but the coach really likes him and have turn down loans so i feel like it will happen

    • @Almighty J bro I don't think he's got his First team contract. That's what I meant actually.

    • He is already at the first team

  • Who’s here after fest came

  • Sad he is not being the first American to play at FCB because Dest is coming

    • @LEOMESHI true.. if you we don't count friendlies then you're right... For that I do see dest playing before de la fuente

    • Agent Jay btw dest said he was the first American to play for Barca .

    • Agent Jay but in an official match

    • He is... He already played for the first team. 😊

  • he’s more spanish than american

    • javier martinez you prolly mexican lmao

    • Sacramento Ramirez no, just answers your question

    • @javier martinez Lol still living in the past?

    • Sacramento Ramirez sum country that didn’t qualify to the world cup, lost to an unknown team

    • What country does he represent? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🤫🤫

  • Another adama 😉

  • he done it, he made it to the first team debut against Girona today, i am a proud Barcelona fan and american today

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I wanted to play for Barcelona but in the USA is much harder to get scouted by the actual team

  • 🇺🇸⚽🇺🇸⚽🇺🇸⚽KONRAD🇺🇸⚽🇺🇸⚽🇺🇸⚽🇺🇸⚽

  • Rip of Adama Traore

    • when you can afford Adama traore

  • Maybe add your questions to the video as well? Right now he is just talking about random topics and we have no idea what you asked him. Is Bartomeu the dictator in charge of the videos as well or how can it be made this bad?

  • 8-2 lol

  • bartomeu watching this aww tharts cute he will be first american to play shaktar donetsk

  • Bartomeu: Young talent? Sorry we don't do that here

  • Instead of American it should say, USA. Mexico is an American country and has had several players on the squad.

  • Adams Traore Body Double

  • Wtf he can barely speak English

  • american ? bro u don't sound american lmao don't think he'll make it to the first team either

  • He's Now In the List Of Players That Will Play Against Napoli

  • Putting on for the USA

  • Konrad, Yedlin, Dest, Pulisić.. wow thu US has some interesting Future.

    • Emmet Browne in 2 years hopefully USA can step it up a level!!

    • Weston Mckinnie, Tyler Adams, Tim Weah, Josh Sargent, Brandon Aarenson, Gio Reyna

  • I wish I could’ve played but in the United States it’s stupid only kids that have wealthier parents or parents that had money to spare get to play for teams there isn’t goals in any parks and if there are the ground is shit my schools never had football teams either so that wasn’t an option either like Zlatan said a while ago it’s a sport for the privileged unlike other countries where poorer kids can play too

  • Welcome to Juventus🖤🖤🖤

  • He should represent spain team

  • Konrad: My goal is to be the first American to play for Barçelona Bartomeu and Abidal: (Licking their lips) Not until we are gone.

  • You ain’t making it bruh

  • Thank god he calls it football and not “SocCEr”

  • America has a lot of good players, it’s that in order to play you need to sacrifice a lot, like a privilege

  • This is my dream to I want to become the first American goalkeep to play for Barcelona it been my biggest dream sence I was 5 years old this is my dream because I always loved Barcelona and every match I'm always saying I'm gonna be there one I also want to show my mom that I did it and I want to help her in life when she needs it I hope it happens one day

    • bein able to be open to learn and see others point of view is important to advance as a goalkeeper

  • I woul like to see Dest wearing Barça shirt as well :b

  • Bartomeu: ¿Y este tipo quien es? ¿Por que está en nuestro canal de MRlevel y no en una operación de intercambio por Lingard +30 millones? Semanas después: Necesitamos extremos rápidos y con desborde ya que Ansu todavía es muy jóven y necesita irse cedido. ¡Ya sé! Traigamos Douglas Costa por 80 millones, seguramente sea el próximo Neymar

  • Board do not sell! Hope Fonte wins...they’re looking to build from la Masia. Will help the financial disaster this board has created. Best of luck Konrad! Great season btw.

  • As an American myself (part Latino) i’m happy that he plays for Barça

  • He says football not soccer 👍

  • It would be nice if Barca had trials in the Caribbean😥

  • he has a kanye smile.

  • well our president is dumber then aoc so will prolly sell him

  • El primer americano que jugó para el Barça fue Emilio Sagi Liñan, un argentino, en 1920. Luego vinieron brasileños, uruguayos y más argentinos.


  • sign jesse lingard he is very good and doesn't play cause of greenwood

  • Make us broud brudda, itd be incredible to see an American wearing the Barca badge. Alot of Barca fans here in the States 🤝

  • Why they put the American flags only by him and about the Haitien flag cause he's Haitian American

    • he didn't mention one time that he was Haitian or his parent are...

  • Vamos konrad💙❤

  • Conrad is the future of barca bt barca needs a good board to look at the B team to promote them

  • Ok cool, now let's trade him for the 36 y.o Robinho

  • Konrad Pulisic Gio Reyna the Us looking good

  • He's not the first american to play for Barça. In any case, he's the first gringo (greengo). 😄

  • The real captain america. pulisic who?

  • America is not USA xd

  • I want coach xavi or pep

  • Why we buy players, we have good la masia bucket it's just that we need to build our base properly

  • At first I thought it was will smith

  • 👆’MERICA👆

  • Dreaming

  • Who saw Ansu at 2:48?

  • 2:49 ansu fati eres tú? XD

  • If he gets any better, he might have a chance for a swap deal!

  • Then Barcelona will sold him to buy 30+ years old striker.

  • He from lamasia

  • Para venderlo después como hicieron con Carles Pérez

  • Why sells Arthur's

  • ❤❤❤😍😘👑

  • That dream likely to realize soon Because right now nobody wants to play for Barca As its Members out of Greed voting Corrupt Presidents into power A Club with Values being Ruined

  • Isn't Messi an American

  • i wont surprise if barca swap him with zlatan 💁

  • If Barca is scouting talent fron America. Then you know they are desperate

  • Is it just me or he kinda resembles current Adama traore

  • i think.. he is the next luis suarez😇😱

  • "Uhhmm I think"

  • Pero ya hay y han anido bastantes Americanos en el Barça como esque el quiere ser el Primero ya está Messi Suárez y estaba Neymar Alvez y muchos más jugadores americanos

  • Looking at barca now...he’d probably be better off in the premier league

  • once again gringos, America is the entire continent, so he won't be the first American neither the first north-american to play for Barça

  • T'inquiète pas, tu seras le meilleur joueur du Barça comme Messi inch'Allah

  • Je veux jouer au Barça Pour être comme Léo Messi


  • fati messi konrad de jong bueskets alnea alba lenglet umtiti roperto ter stegan

  • this guy will be a phenomenal player with him up top with pulisic, weah or sargent, or maybe even ulysses llanez

  • Ter stegen Emerson araujo lenglet De Jong A'l'ex moriba riqui puig Pedri Messi fati Martinez 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔝🔝🔝

  • عاجل و رسميا بعد سنتين نادي فيورنتينا يتعاقد مع دي لافوينتي رسميا بصفقة تبادل مع ريبري😡😡

  • Jejdvdkd

  • He is not AMERICAN !!!

  • I just remain you, that there's a few Americans playing on Barcelona

  • 2:45 look at Ansu Fati

  • Hopefully the usa national team calls him

  • Who would be the first Indian?? Me??

  • Tonto de mi vida

  • Yeah Buddy represent the USA at FCB!!!

  • As an American I’m proud to see Konrad at Barcelona

  • He remembers me of adama traore😓

  • Hey your dribbling is adorable

  • This brother been in Catalonia for long time he started gaining accent

  • What the heck i wanted to be the first American player to play for Barcelona

  • my dream is to be first east asian barca player